The Powerful Demon, part 6: The Demon's Defeat

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    Bellerophon was standing on nothing, but not exactly floating. The silver demon stood across from him. To the side, Bellerophon could see what was happening to his body, through a big window like a TV screen but without a shape. Bellerophon fought with the demon, but he couldn't harm it.

    "Mwahahahaha," laughed the demon. "With all the money I've stolen, and now the identity of the Judge of Cademia, I can easily take over the world!"

    "Never!" shouted Bellerophon. "I won't let you!"

    Outside, demon-Bellerophon was quickly running back to Cademia. When he passed people, he did rude things like push them or ignore them.

    The silver demon kicked Bellerophon in the gut, and he crumpled to the ground - except it wasn't really the ground, it was the nothingness in his mind. Bellerophon didn't have any weapons, so he tried fighting the demon with magic and karate, but nothing was working. The demon wouldn't stop trying to kill Bellerophon.

    Outside, demon-Bellerophon arrived home at the castle, and began decreeing ridiculous new laws, such as making it illegal to harm or kill undead, and making Cademia citizens pay 115% of their income in taxes.

    Bellerophon and the demon continued wrestling, but it was all Bellerophon could do to keep the demon from killing him.

    Outside, demon-Bellerophon was getting ready to sentence all the mages in Cademia to death, when suddenly Chevodocus burst in, holding a green Clear Mind potion.

    "Chevodocus!" exclaimed demon-Bellerophon, "how did you escape my minions- I mean, the undead who kidnapped you?"

    Chevodocus didn't even answer the question, he just ran up to demon-Bellerophon, and forced the potion into his mouth. Demon-Bellerophon sputtered, trying not to swallow any of it, but he swallowed a little bit.

    In Bellerophon's mind, the silver demon suddenly became weaker. Bellerophon slammed it with a death strike, and it died. Bellerophon had control of his body again.

    "Chevodocus, you're okay!" said Bellerophon, hugging his friend.

    "You are too!" said Chevodocus. "Is the thing that was possessing you dead?"

    "Yes," said Bellerophon. "It won't be able to take over the world any more. How did you escape from the undead?"

    "After they took me out of your sight, they lost interest in me and started walking around in circles. I was able to kill them when they circled past me. Then I tracked you back to Cademia and discovered that you were signing evil laws, so I realized something had possessed you and I got a Clear Mind potion to exorcise it."

    "So that's what Clear Mind potions are for!" said Bellerophon. "Thank you, after that I was able to kill the demon and regain control of my body. Now I can cancel the evil new laws. Majordomo!"

    "Yes, sir?" asked the majordomo.

    "Cancel all the new laws that I decreed today. And get someone to release Antenor, Thoas, and Hebe from jail. And have Ivor bring us some refreshments, I'm famished."

    And so all the citizens of Cademia threw a celebration to celebrate what a great judge Bellerophon was. They declared him the Greatest Judge Ever, and invented a new holiday called Bellerophon Day, which involved feasts and dancing. Representatives from the other cities in Cythera visited and begged Bellerophon to serve as judge in their cities, and Bellerophon promised to visit them all during his journeys to study magical creatures.

    The end.

  • Yay, another old chronicle completed! dances and waves hands in the air

  • I was hoping the daemon would be a better judge than Bellerophon :( . Then, he could arrest the entire city for consorting with daemons when he returned. Sure, they didn't know he was possessed, but that is no excuse :p !

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