Sail: Chapter 7.5 (The Missing Segment)

  • a Cythera novel

    SO, I'm doing an overhaul of the entire Sail draft before I write the climax. Mostly it's just line editing, but I've written another chapter that occurs somewhere in the middle of the original chapter 7 as part of my attempt to make Kateiko a more likable character :V (among fixing other issues.)


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  • Yay, you finished The Missing Chapter! ^ ___^ It was fun reading about the Sverbian town, and about Kako saving the day. I thought it was interesting that she believes in Suriel, but not kinaru.

    Thanks for the bundle of edited chapters! I intend to read those sometime, but I was too impatient to read this chapter : __D

  • I'm starting to think Katerei is a villain in this story. I mean look at how she is trying to foil Suriel's plans in this chapter :( .

  • But she's not, really! Suriel's goal is just to get everyone off his front lawn. He doesn't care how that happens. Katerei is actually helping him by making everyone leave. :p

  • But she's creating the possibility they might come back! I still say she is acting like a villain :p .

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