Extra players?

  • The characters' display in the bottom right of the screen shows all the characters that you have. What's with the extra slots? There's me, Hector, Timon, Meleager, and Aeneous. You can get Adrianne and the ratcatcher boy to join you briefly, but even if all of those guys join you at the same time there is still an extra slot. What are they for?

    I guess we're just waiting for Ambrosia (or some one else) to put out a Delver/Cythera editor, and/or sequel...



  • I believe the number of spots for people is determined by the engine. Hopefully, there will be some new scenarios in which all the slots are filled.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • I think the slots were put there fir aesthetical satisfaction. I'd rather stare at the slots then just a blank toolbar, wouldn't you? About the Delver editor, I'm sure that won't happen for a long time. I read one of Glenn's interviews and he said it would be too complicated for just anyone. We've just gotta wait for Cythera II (It's coming, Andreas said that it was, and there were near-dead hints in Cythera that it was).

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  • I am interesed in learning how to get additional characters to join me for the whole rest of the game.

    I have done all I know to get the woman to tell me to see Halos. I have done all I know to get him to refer me to the ratcatcher who might join me and help me get into the ratcatcher's guild.

    Yes, spoilers are welcome.

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  • Have you cured the plague? Proprontis references you to go to Halos if you've do this. When you go to Halos, type in "Proprontis", if he sent you. You have to ask Mantinea about "Darius" to tell you what you have to tell Halos. Then talk to Halos about "Kidnapping." You can also have Ake in Odemia refer you to Halos by asking her about "kidnapping" if you've been asked to interrogate the prisoner.


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  • You can also get Aethon from the ratcatcher's guild.after solving the murder go to halos and say kidnapping. Then go to Aeton whose house is right across the street from the ratcatcher's guild. Tell him "halos" and then "join".

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