The Twins

  • (continued fromThe Bull)

    What Tauros lacked as a conversation partner, he made up for in strength. He was as solid as a mountain and as surefooted as the most mountaineering mountain goat. Twice that morning they came to a dead end, but Tauros simply picked Wilamos up, put him on the next ledge, and climbed up behind him.
    Around lunchtime Wilamos opened his pack to find that he had only a little bread and goat cheese remaining. Still, he offered Tauros a share, but Tauros refused and Wilamos was more than happy to finish it off himself.
    In the afternoon they found a stream. Wilamos took a long, refreshing drink, and (somewhat to his surprise at this point) so did Tauros.
    They continued uphill, following the stream, but by the evening Wilamos’s stomach was grumbling loudly. His mouth watered as a rabbitlizard hopped by, when thwpt! an arrow shot out from a nearby bush, killing the rabbitlizard. He looked over to see a woman walking over, with another woman slung over her back asleep.

    When the woman reached the rabbitlizard, she dumped the sleeping woman nearby, pulled out a knife, and began cleaning her kill. She looked exactly the same as the woman she had carried over. Without turning away from the rabbitlizard, she introduced herself:
    “I’m Helena. This is my sister Selena.”
    “Nice to meet you. I’m Wilamos. He’s Tauros.”
    “We’re huntresses. What do you do?”
    “Well, I’m a goat farmer, and he’s mysterious.” Wilamos looked at the comatose twin. “Is she OK?”
    “Yeah, she’s just sleeping, she’ll be up later and then you’ll get to meet her.” Helena turned to face Wilamos. She had bright blue eyes. “Um, just so you know… she's really annoying. Everyone says she’s a real pain to be around. I mean, I wouldn't know. I’ve never met her. But that’s what everyone says.”
    “You… haven’t met her?”
    “Yeah.” Helena yawned, looking over at the setting sun. “Because…” and she fell asleep.

    (continued inThe Crab)

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  • I wish my occupation could just be 'mysterious.'

  • Poor rabbitlizard! ):

    I can't wait to see if Selena is actually as annoying as Helena says ^_ __^ Maybe next chapter?


    I wish my occupation could just be 'mysterious.'

    Me too : __D

  • Wilamos is certainly meeting some interesting traveling companions. One wonders what awaits him at the end of his journey.

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