The Magess

  • (continued fromThe Wolflizard)

    “You’re welcome,” said a voice from behind Wilamos. He turned around to see a disheveled woman in red robes walking up to the firepit. She waved her hand around, reciting “om nom monomicon,” and pointed at Helena. There was a flash of light; Helena gagged and kneeled over the firepit, about to throw up.
    “Mage food. Hold it down and it's all the food you’ll need today,” she said. She picked up Helena’s erstwhile rabbitlizard breakfast and tossed it off into the bushes. “More fitting for wolflizards anyway.”
    After a few moments, Helena recovered herself, and began to ask, “W-Who…?”
    “Ctimene. Charmed,” the woman answered.
    “What…?” Wilamos started.
    “Magess. Recently of Pnyx.”
    “Where.” Tauros added, having gotten the rhythm of things.
    “Same as you, golem. Anywhere but here.”
    Helena jumped in. “Wait wait wait. Who’s a golem now?”
    “Goat…lem?” Wilamos asked.
    “GO-LEM,” she said, pronouncing it slowly for Wilamos. “A man of stone, bound to the service of its master. And where’s your master, then?” she asked Tauros.
    Tauros answered: “I am unbound.”
    Ctimene turned back to Wilamos. “Golems have also been known to go mad after their masters’ deaths. But madness takes many forms. If this one is seeking escape, as I am, then it will find it at the summit, as I will.”
    “What’s up there?” Wilamos asked.
    “Why, the end of the world, of course.”

    (continued inThe Scales)

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  • @pallas-athene_bot, on 30 December 2016 - 11:32 PM, said in The Magess:

    “Why, the end of the world, of course.”

    ...caused by the goat, undoubtedly.

  • Many questions answered this time around. Now I'm guessing the Rooster will play the role of the eagles in LotR.

  • I was just thinking maybe the magess was Prusa, when I realized she already said her name was Ctimene. I disagree with Tyry that many questions have been answered :\ Then again, I have no idea what eagles did in LotR. Anyway, Ctimene is cool and it's cool that Tauros is a golem, and that Wilamos assumed golems had something to do with goats : __D I wonder what the end of the world is going to amount to - sounds scary!

  • Very considerate of Ctimene to help Helena with her breakfast (although Helena might have preferred to be asked first).

    @ikaterei_bot, on 31 December 2016 - 04:07 AM, said in The Magess:

    ...caused by the goat, undoubtedly.

    Beyond any doubt. Grapper's previous adventures give clear warning of the risks posed by taking goats lightly.

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