The Two-Headed Fish

  • (continued fromThe Water Bearer)

    Wilamos floated. At least, that was a good approximation of what he was doing. There was no up or down, or light or dark. There was no way forward, and no way back. There was no Chapelle. The only thing he perceived was himself.
    Still, the blue and purple lines danced across his vision. He turned, trying to find their beginning or end, but they followed him as he moved, remaining fixed, because they too, were just Wilamos himself.
    But if they were him, then… they began and ended with him. He focused on a blue line and mentally tugged at it. Slowly, from the edges of his vision inward, the line widened, then opened. Behind it was a world of water, fish of grotesque shapes darting from reef to reef. It widened further, trying to pull him in, but Wilamos pulled away. The line snapped shut.
    Wilamos focused on another line, widening the crack (in his mind? in the universe?) to peer inside. This one was a world of snow-swept mountains. White rabbits hopped around, and—yes! a herd of goats, balancing on thin rocks on the face of the mountain. Wilamos scanned them, but Chapelle was nowhere to be seen. He pulled away from this world too.
    So there were other universes out there, other universes with other goats—perhaps entire universes of goats. Wilamos tried to count the lines across his vision, but there were too many to count. Then, there were innumerably many worlds too. And Wilamos could search them—would search them—one by one until the end of time, until he found his goat.


  • I don't know if that's a happy or sad ending. Which I guess makes it literary fiction.

    But hey, goat universes! That makes it awesome.

  • Is this really the end? I wish I knew what happened to everyone!

    That is one dedicated goatherd! ^_ __^ I also like the way the Void is described in this chapter! Pretty cool!

    Thanks for writing this series Fiery, it's been so exciting waiting for a new chapter every day ^_ __^

  • :(

    I hope Selena managed to catch up and talk to Helena. Somewhere.

  • That is a very interesting way of looking at the Void. It's quite different than the other versions I've seen.

    I have to agree with 453 and Katerei respectively: Wilamos is very dedicated and the addition of goat universes is great.

    A fitting end to a good series :) .

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