[ANN] Cythera updated to 1.0.4

  • Ambrosia Software, Inc. has just released Cythera 1.0.4, which contains
    a number of important bug fixes. You can download the full Cythera
    update from http://www.Delver.com/ or, if you already have version
    1.0.3, directly at ftp://ftp.AmbrosiaSW...hera_Update.bin

    The following is a list of the bugs that were fixed in Cythera 1.0.4:

    -- Fixed startup crash when using Macsbug 6.6.

    -- Fixed problems starting up and using the File menu under 7.6.1.

  • The Cythera update webpage says that they've added a few features. Anyone know what (if anything) has been changed besides the two bugs fixes listed above?

  • 1.0.4 is just a bug fix version, but it's minor enough that we left the 1.0.3 notes up there.

  • There was a bug where if you were in netscape then you switched to cythera the fonts at the titles of the windows would appear wrong.
    I had a problem like that once when a javascript messed up the finder window titles. That wouldn't go away until a reset some prefs but the cythera problem goes away very soon.(next time it has to redraw the text(from 2 sec to when I quit))

  • In 1.0.4, is it still safe to to take things by moving them? Yes, I'm a cheater.

  • In the list of changes and bug fixes, the claim is made that you can no longer move things to steal them. Of course, that's what they said in 1.03. Somebody who's switched to 1.04 will just have to tell us.


  • We can still steal all we want! Except for those darn keys in the various houses :frown:

  • Well stealing keys isn't new. Anybody who knows programming can make a patch so you can steal keys. That would be nice!

  • hehe, being a thief is great :p
    I had that problem with the text, except that it stayed that way until i forced it to redraw by moving a window over it :frown:
    The meek shall inherit the earth.
    Shouldn't that be "The geek shall inherit the earth."

    (This message has been edited by Paul (edited 03-13-2000).)

  • Just saw this on macupdate.com

    What's New:
    Version 1.0.4 is now MacOS 9 compatible

    What's this? I am running 1.0.3 and MacOS 9 sans problems. Is 1.0.3 uncompatible?

    The meek shall inherit the earth.
    Shouldn't that be "The geek shall inherit the earth."

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