Opening 'no obvious way' secret doors

  • Okay, I'm just gonna save what hair I have left and ask this... Is it necessary to have the Crolna working to open certain secret doors ("There is no obvious way to operate it" type doors), or is there some skill that I just don't have and haven't figured out... or what?

    Thanks for the help.

    - Seth

  • It depends... I have ran into two of them--one in the sewer and one in kosha. The one in the sewer needs the lyre to be opened, which can be found after killing the golem under cademia in the place with the brick walls and all of the levers(next to the mushroom room--western part of cademia). The door in kosha can be opened with panpipes, which can be gotten if you talk to the elder of odemia, who says "we are in your debt."

    The sewer door can be opened by playing three notes--first one is P, the rest I can't remember--just trial and error

    The Kosha door can be opened by playing the tune taught to you by demodocus the traveling bard. I can't remember offhand what the tune is....

    Have you found any other secret doors???

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  • On the pipes you play PHJMD (thanx Slayer!) There are 2 hidden doors in Kosha, both in the same place. Also is pronounced it ImaSHEn or ImaC-EEan? Mine is dAYtaspot, not dATTaspot.

  • pronounced like imation... or Imay-shun. Stands for the iMac.....

  • Hey thats a company right? Cool. :)

  • Just thought I'd share this in case anyone is interested. There is another "No obvious way" door in Cademia. It's in the SW not far from the Two-Tailed Rat, in a room that is empty except for some cobwebs and a Spike Trap right inside the door. Don't know how to open it eyt, but it's probably safe to assume it's another musical thing.

  • All of the no obvious way doors above ground in Cademia can be opened by a lever. I think the one you're talking about has a lever in House Comana.

  • By George, you're right! Thanks Slayer!

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