Glenn Andreas' Pronunciation of "Cythera"

  • I found a podcast the other day in which Richard Moss, author of The Secret History of Mac Gaming, interviewed Jason Whong. It's part of his series called The Life & Times of Video Games in which he gets behind-the-scenes stories directly from people who were in those early Mac gaming companies.

    While most of the interview is focused on the bug-eating publicity thing Ambrosia did at an old Macworld, Jason spends a few minutes talking about some of the exploits and bugs in Cythera. Sounds like Cythera was one of the contributors to Ambrosia's bug pledge, which makes sense given how many problems it has!

    It's not particularly new stuff, but I thought the most interesting snippet was hearing how Glenn Andreas pronounces Cythera. Here's the link, timestamp about 9:30 where he talks about Cythera:

    Episode 4: Bug Salad

    It reminded me that we've debated the pronunciation of Cythera several times on these boards but never really reached a consensus. Thanks to having a working forum search again (yay!), I found the topics where it came up:

    From Pallas' post and speaking with my sister, it's likely the correct Ancient Greek pronunciation would be with a "K" sound, but it seems many of us have always said it with a "C" sound, the most popular variants being "Sih-thera" and "Sigh-thera".

    As someone who has always pronounced it "Sih-thera", it pains me to admit it, but congratulations to those of you who've always said "Sigh-thera". You were right! This still marks a departure from the actual Greek pronunciation, but I figure the game name is really whatever Gandreas intended it to be. And that is apparently "Sigh-thera".

    As an aside, while I haven't had a chance to read it yet, The Secret History of Mac Gaming looks very interesting. It includes interviews with Ambrosia folks like Andrew Welch, Ben Spees, and Matt Burch among many other developers. It may not have anything Cythera-specific, but for those of you like me who enjoy these types of stories, it may be worth a look.

  • I have a copy of The Secret History of Mac Gaming. It’s good and interesting, but yeah, there’s not much about Cythera in it. I think there’s about half a sentence at the end of the Ambrosia chapter.

  • That's quite interesting. I have to admit that I plan on sticking to my current pronunciation.

  • @Selax No no, clearly you have to go with what the creator himself intended. :P

  • @Pallas-Athene

    I've been going through the ebook of Secret History of Mac Gaming and there's definitely a lot of great material in the early chapters that I didn't really know. The Ambrosia and Pangea chapters were most interesting to me, although you're right that the focus is on their other games. I wouldn't mind a more linear organization, but it's still pretty easy to follow and a good read!

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