Ferazel's Wand Playthrough

  • I know this won't really fit here, and Selax will no doubt consider this topic sacrilegious, but we don't have enough traffic to warrant a general discussion board.

    Anyways, I'm trying to get some of my side projects caught up this weekend, as indicated by the posts about forum migration and soundtrack links on YT. Another thing I've been working on is a Let's Play series for Ferazel's Wand.

    BW inspired me to make a playthrough after she posted the Cythera one, and while I considered doing another Cythera one, it occurred to me that no one's done a level-by-level breakdown of Ferazel's Wand. It's a game I enjoy a lot and thought worth doing. The gameplay actually didn't take too long and was recorded practically months ago. The editing has taken a bit longer as I've only been able to devote snippets here and there. Now that it's mostly done, I'm starting to upload videos. I thought it worth sharing for those of you who also like Ferazel's Wand:


  • "Sacrilegious" you say? This is blasphemy :p !

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