Just a couple of questions!

  • FIRST.

    When you go out of Eteocles house and run "detect secrets" (magic or awareness it doesn't matter) a secret passage of some sort appears in the corner to the left. I've tried to dig it, blast it, but I can't reach it. Can anybody explain to me what is it??? :rolleyes:

    What are those two standing persons (fighter, workman) in the Ruffian Encampment?? :confused: I clicked twice and my character wanted to attack them, when I tried to talk to them they were silent.

  • Just hired help I guess.
    As for the secret passage have you tried looking for a lever? There's one hidden under an object nearby. The detect spell or search skill won't find it because its just graphically hidden, in other words, move the object on top of it and there it is.

    Talk, talk, talk to myself!

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