Why won't it work? (Those Darn Kosha Secret Doors!)

  • Without letting anything go, I KNOW I'm playing the right tune with the right instrument in Kosha, but those doors won't open! It's driving me crazy!

    Any helpful ideas?


  • There are two possibilities I can think of:

    1. You need to close the window of the pipes, then re-open it. I'm not sure what causes it, but it works.

    2. This one might be kind of unlikely, since you insist, but are you absolutely certain that you've got the right notes and instrument?

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Its happened to me aswell.
    I've played the right tune, but the doors won't open. It was the correct panpipes, the ones from that guy odemia right?
    I tried over and over, I tried closing and reopening the window, nothing worked.

    Talk, talk, talk to myself!

  • Ironically, after receiving these messages and waiting a day, leaving the game(but NOT quiting) and comming back it WORKED!


    I'm close to the end now! Wow, what a journey it's been so far. Sometimes exciting, thrilling, FRUSTRATING!, and so much more. I think this is either the best or second best RPG computer game I've ever played. Ultima IV and Cythera are neck and neck. Cythera makes you care more I think because of all the little sub-plots and intrigues.

    Anyway, if your having the same kind of trouble I am, try the above advice, leave and come back, and eventually it should work.


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