Web site update: Guides!

  • Now in addition to plain maps, I have updated my page to include guides to cities in Cythera! These guides point out many important (and quite a few not so important) places within the cities. I would have done guides to the other maps, but there's really not much to say about them.

    Check it out at http://ucf.edu/~bd12842/cythera.htm

  • DataSpot, always the one to congratulate the Slayer, will congratulate him again for his efforts to make Cythera easier for all of us.

  • Slayer, this website is very helpful. I would like to make a suggestion though: if possible, it might be nice to have the "how to get" a mission separate from the "how to solve". So that you could find out how to get a mission, but then still be able to try to solve it yourself.

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