Replicate Shmeplicate?!?! (useless spells!)

  • This spell called "Replicate" appears to be a mean trick, it and another evil faker named "Fetch" are useless wastes of spell points. I have yet to be able replicate or fetch anything regardless of size or weight!

    What's going on here? Have all the little "hacks" that everybody have come up with forced them to reduce the usefullness of this spell to zero or is there some stat my character has that is to low?


  • Replicate can replicate anything non-magical that has yet to be moved from its original position, regardless of size or weight. The game considers things that pop out of broken crates to be in their original position BTW.

    Fetch is the same way, except it destroys objects, not retrieves them.

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  • The programmers should actually give you a choice-a novel idea, isn't it?-when you use Fetch; they should let you choose if you want to fetch it, or (simply) destroy it. Maybe they could make a window that asks you, "you get a feeling that someone wants to know if you want to destroy or retrieve that object." :D

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