• WHat's this game Manse on the DIgital Manipulations page? It says it's in development and its logo looks kind of like Cythera's.

  • This is weird. I just got one of those e-mails that say someone replied to this. It said Lusankya replied at like 5:14, but now there's nothing there.

  • Maybe the guy that replied knew what it was and he posted it
    but ambrosia wanted to keep it a secret. :)


  • Manse is a spiffy first person shooter from Ambrosia that has been in development for 3 or 4 years. It has nothing to do with Cythera. To read more about it, check out old Ambrosia Times.


  • Exactly which edition of the AT???


  • Manse is no longer in development. Changing times, paradigms, and game expectations overtook the project.
    There may be stylistic similarities between Manse and Cythera because Marcus Conge, Pixel Pusher extraordinaire of Digital Manipulation, did the artwork for both.
    This post would be more appropriate in the Ambrosia Banter board, but it's certainly no big deal.

    David Dunham / tech support / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

    (This message has been edited by David Dunham (edited 04-18-2000).)

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