Wierd secret place in LandKing's Hall...

  • I found a secret passage in the room with the sword dummies and the archery stuff, in the south-west of the Hall. When I entered it, I saw a dead ruffian with some Kesh, and when I continued inside, I came to a room with lots of Blaziers.

    To the north of that room, a sea of Ethereal Void could be seen. The room was behind the magically locked door in Alaric's study room with the Sapphire book.

    Does this room have anything with any tasks?


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  • Not that I ever figured out but perhaps it has something to do with a second part to the path of the lightningbolt (I am referring to the purpose of the braziers)

    My second guess is that it is a weak spot in the fabric of Cythera's reality which has broken into the void. Perhaps where Alaric studied to summon you.

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  • Just on a side note.
    When you use the crystal ball to see far away to the left of the passage to the left of the kings room you see a crystal ball and something else. (Can't remember what else) :)

  • Its a chest of drawers.
    You don't need a crystal ball, just put the mouse on the opposite side of the wall from you, then walk up and down the hall.
    Above the box with the action text is a line that says what you're pointing at.
    It only tells you whats really there for a short time, then turns to 'nothing'

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