catmarcan plague

  • I am stuck on the plague in catmarca.
    I have learned 22/22 spells (all the basics) I have also gotten the iron mine-ghost task and gone there. I saw the ghost speak incoherently and then I left. I'm currently standing outside of catmarca.

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  • If you've talked to the bum in the Green Goat tavern, you know that he thinks that the problem is with the water. If you talk to Polydamas, he tells you that the citadel stands right on top of an underground spring. Maybe you should search around the citadel. The training you got in Omen's test might help...

    If you want a spoiler, post again and ask for a more straight out answer.

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  • There's a secret passage in the house of the Catamarcan judge (you know, Judge What's-His-Name). It's in his closet. Go through the door and unlock the trapdoor inside by any means (mace, spell, key). Go down the ladder. Kill all the polyps, or don't, but either way pick up the "glowing crystal" near the fountain. Hey, the crystal caused sickness - could it be making someone else sick, too? Gee, I don't know....... :)


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  • Ok, I am very frustrated, I got the crystal out of you know where, and everyone is acting better and hailing me as the one who cured their ailments, but in the "To Do" checklist this quest item is not checked off?!?!?! Am I missing something? Is this a bug? Help?!?!


  • Did you talk to the judge after you took the crystal?

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  • Otherwise it is not known to be uncommon that after finishing a quest it isn't marked off on the list.

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  • Croax, that statement goes so far beyond double negatives, it's into fifth or sixth negatives!

    Are you saying:

    A: It is common for "To Do" items not to be checked even after it has been completed.

    B: Hyperion is the first to report such a problem.


  • the to do list will check off when you have fully completed the task, talk to judge whats-his-name in catamarca and then go to lindus in pynx


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