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  • Though I have beaten the game(with only "cure alaric," "negotiate wine contract" and "find son of sabinate," left, and without using the handbook thing, woohoo!), I am attempting to accomplish all I can and explore all I can before beating it a second time now. I have found the second tyrant's tomb, the last sylph, etc., found all the sapphire books but I can't find that Ignae fire spirit that is supposed to be in the same cave as Eioneus.


    ursylph(by the way, spoilers are in the postscript)

    P.S. WOW! What a dissapointing ending cythera has, especially for such a very superb game. It seems so easy. I thought maybe I would see omen again after he turns against you when you "purify" the full crolna using charax's machine, but no, I just went and cured alaric. It was just too easy. I thought maybe those dreams the kids in the game had about me might factor in to the ending, or maybe the house war would climax or the downfall of comana could be brought about, or maybe the war between the undines and seldanes would further develop, so we would see more of the undines, or maybe the sylph and ignae would have further involvement. But no, it was just so easy..

    P.P.S. Woah. Glenn Andreas is one of the admins. He must be at his computer, laughing because he knows all the answers we need..or think we need..muttering to himself "poor humans, so far from home, so far from the truth." Or something.

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  • Hello God Damn! I've written that phrase twice in this post before it existed. I didn't post the reply thought.
    As for your question, Ignae can be found in Eioneuos cave (the guy who upgrades weapons). He'sn the same level of the cave as Eioneous is.
    First shrink your viewing window really small, then open it up as large as possible.
    On the right side of the cave, travel upwards from the forge until you get to the first (i think) lava pit on the north side of the cave walls. Try to walk down through it as far as possible.
    Now look at the bottom of the view really closely. There will be something in the lava that looks like lava itself. Thats Ignae. He stays in one place. Look hard, its like a where's waldo picture.

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  • WELL..THANX A BUNCH!! I mean thats right spoil it for those people who HAVEN"T FINISHED the game even once!!!!!!yeh..u could say i woz angry!!

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  • What's to spoil? I haven't ever finished the game and purely by accident have stumbled over these answers posted on this board? I'm not even to the point where its useful knowledge.

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  • You don't have to walk into the lava. If you walk along the west side of the wall that is next to that lava pit (I think it's just south of a mushroom on it) with your window maximized, you can see him without burning your feet.

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  • Well sure, you can also remove stalagmites with fetch if you don't get the special boots.

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