Cythera or Avernum?

  • I've been thinking about this recently, and I want to see some more perspectives on it.

    Avernum and Cythera are both worthy games. But which should I actually buy? Cythera has a good story, but it has mediocre graphics at best and other minor issues. Avernum is based on Jeff Vogel's classic RPG Exile; it utilizes an enhanced version of the engine used in Nethergate. I'm at an impasse here - will someone advise me?

    "His Strangelove All-Purpose Do-It-Yourself Defensive First Second or Third Strike Indestructible Fantastic State-of-the-Art B-Ware Offensive Attack Bomber can't compare with our M & M E & A Sub-Supersonic Invisible and Noiseless Defensive Second-Strike Offensive Attack Bomber."
    - from Closing Time , by Joseph Heller.

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