Wishing spring

  • Any of you who have gotten the strange device?? What are possible wishes for the spring?? I tryed Power, Magic, Knowledge, exc. it always says your wish is found else were. So what in the heck can I wish and get???

    Hail Odin,
    where he gose victory and
    glory follow. The old
    gods are not dead and are
    regaining rightful
    places!! Hail the old

  • Did you ever look through the past posts? There was one back there about this. Anyways, the wishing thingy doesn't really do anything. There's nothing to wisth for. The only good it has is a laugh. After you wish, when you try to use it again it says various funny phrases.

    Talk, talk, talk to myself!

  • where is the wishing spring? how do you get there

  • Underneath Pynx. Look for a magically locked door on the first floor. Go on from there.

    Talk, talk, talk to myself!

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