Is this worth it?

  • Is this game realy worth spending the time downloading? I like RPGS with godd combat. Too many puzzles make my head hurt. ;)

    "I don't get involved in politics. My IQ is too high."
    -VootGoo, your standard issue Dwarven Fighter I played when I was 12.
    p.s. His INT was 6.

  • Don't download it; get a FREE Ambrosia CD instead with Cythera and every other Ambrosia game on it. Check out the offer at the Ambrosia Times.

    "His Strangelove All-Purpose Do-It-Yourself Defensive First Second or Third Strike Indestructible Fantastic State-of-the-Art B-Ware Offensive Attack Bomber can't compare with our M & M E & A Sub-Supersonic Invisible and Noiseless Defensive Second-Strike Offensive Attack Bomber."
    - from Closing Time , by Joseph Heller.

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