Fishing and Fountains

  • On the old posts, before they moved cythera discussion here, there were some discussions about these things. Since I hadn't really gotten to them yet, I don't remember what they said...

    Fishing-----Supposedly there is a book you can catch while fishing, what it is I don't know. Does anyone know about this? And, does anyone have any fishing clues in general. Have you ever found anything while fishing? If so, where?

    Fountain-----Someone said that the fountain under pnyx, the one in the room with the demon, will grant you one wish. Is this true? If so, how do you get it to work? I have tried everything I can think of with that darn fountain. But, no luck.... Yet anyway...

  • Please someone help me on this. I know someone knows the answer.....

  • Have you tried Oboloi on the fountain? Just a thought, but then again it never seems to work in real life, :frown:. Also about the book, have you tried right in the middle of the front of Odemia? I'm jus guessing, and you just walk on the narrow beach. Also what does Omen mean about staying away from water?

  • he probobly said that to keep you from getting killed by tentacles when you are a low level.

  • Hey Dataspot, I am confused by the Odemia fishing statement you made, could you be a little more clear?

  • oboloi does not work on the fountain......

  • Sure Imacian (ImaSHUNN- got it.) If you stand on the edge of the water in out side of Odemia, right in front of the big castle Odemia, you stand on the shoreline, walh to the middle of the castle area, then fish for the book. If you complete the find out about Alarics mother mission, then the historian in Catamarca will tell you about the Sapphire books. She willt ell you that the owner of one of the books in Odemia, threw it in the Ocean.

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  • OK. I have about had enough of looking for this book in the ocean. Actually, I don't think it is a sapphire book b/c I have nine of them already and I have not got one from Prusa yet--so that makes ten.

    Plus, if you and I are talking about the same ODEMIA, you can't walk to the middle of the castle area along the ocean. I have tried from both inside odemia(walking all the way around both sides of the castle walls), and from outside of odemia. You are talking about the right odemia right, the city located on the trail directly southeast along the path from LKH. The place where you saved the princess. Or, are you talking about catamarca? the one on the southeast tip of the peninsula.

    And, I am using my saved game from 1.0.2 to try to get this book from prusa, could this be the problem? I upgraded to 1.0.3, but am still using the first and furthest game I have.

  • Regarding the book in the ocean: as far as I know there isn't one. And if there is, it's not a Sapphire Book, cause I've got all ten and I didn't get any of them out of water.

    Regarding the book from Prusa: This is a tough one. I've got the book, but I'm not sure how I got it. I can tell you a few things that are not necessary to get the book though: it is not necessary to have the complete Crolna (cause I only had two pieces). It is not necessary to have any mystic weapons or anything like that (cause I didn't have any). It's not necessary to have all the other Sapphire Books (I didn't and anyway if you've got the other nine you know that's not making a difference).

    As far as what the trick is, who knows. It may be a factor of the number of times you talk to her. It may be a function of where people are standing when you talk to her. It may also help if she stands still; she moves around constantly most of the time, but when I got the book from her, she had stood still for a few turns before I talked to her. Mostly, I think it just takes patience and persistence.

    The fact that you're playing from a game from an older version may make a difference. In the Cythera 1.0.3 Notes file that installed with 1.0.3, under the Change History 1.0.3 it says "It's now possible to get the Sapphire Book from Prusa (but still hard)". Which implies that it wasn't possible before 1.0.3

    Good luck.

  • I think I was wrong. The all knowledgible Slayer has corrected me, and told me that the book flung off the coast of Odemia had washed up on the beach of Catamarca. Neat huh?

  • Speaking of Catamarca and beaches, is there anything special about those footprints?

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