Cure poison without using antidotes

  • There's a way to cure poison without using antidotes. I found this by accident. After Timon got poisoned in the sewsers, then I went to look for the fur cloak. I told Timon to wait then I saved my game. Then I quit the game. Later, when I played the saved game. I examined Timon to see his hit points. Since he wasn't part of my band, his stats said nothing, so I told him to join. Then I found out he was cured of the poison and I knew for sure he was poisoned. I tried doing the same thing again and it worked.

    Here's how the trick works:

    tell your poisoned characters to wait
    then save game
    open saved game
    tell your poisoned to follow and they'll be cured

    Unfortunately, you can't use this to cure your character but it so well with other characters.


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  • i tried this, then i notice aethon wont leave. why not??????

  • Aethon is a little odd. I just click the menu below Aethon's icon and choose "wait." The menu has also the option, "Pick Lock." Getting him to rejoin is a little odd. I talk to him and type, "join."

    I've also found out that you don't have to save the game but you can leave your poisoned characters near the enterence to the dungeons, leave the dungeon, then came back for them and ask them to follow. The poison still gets cured.


  • I found that if you say 'help' (or is it heal?) to alaric he will restore all status except hunger.

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  • Quote

    Originally posted by Croax:
    **I found that if you say 'help' (or is it heal?) to alaric he will restore all status except hunger.

    But I think he'll only do that if you've registered (could be wrong though).

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  • You're absolutely correct. You have to register for him to help.

    There is another way to remove poison without antidote.

    There is an item called Ungent, if heals hp as well as poison. It may take more than one dose to cure poison. It has multiple uses, but not infinite. You can get it in the northern vinyard, and other places that currently escape my memory.

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  • You can find unguent on the guy that kidnapped Ariadne (he is guarding the door)

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