how do you get the fourth crolna?

  • how do you get the last shard? ive done everything i needed to do but i cant find pelagon in the underground "Kesh Factory?" ;) :confused:

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  • Are you supposed to find Pelagon in the kesh lab? Note: I completed "find source of kesh" but I got only two crolna shards. Where do you find the third?

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  • GameFanatic: Pelagon will give you the last shard in the Kesh Factory, but he looks like Alaric's fool, Magpie. If
    nobody is down there, make sure you've completed: Cure Plague in Catamarca, Show Crystal to
    Lindus, Take Crystal to Timon, Honor Jinrai, Free Maayti, Rescue Kidnapped Ariadne, Ask Halos
    About Comana, Take Net to Stentor, and Find Opheltius' Murder Weapon. (I got this list from Slayer's
    Guide to Cythera, at (url="http://"")

    Rogan: Yes, you are supposed to find Pelagon in the Kesh Lab under House Comana in Kosha. You find the third in

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