• Where have I heard the ratcatcher's name before? Was he involved in a crime?

    And does Dryas hang out under ground a lot? I took him to the judge to clear Halos already and when I fetched the secret door in the Ratcatcher's house I went down a ladder and found Dryas. Why is he there?



  • Why did you fetch the door? There was a lever.
    Dryas is down there because that is his job. He catches rats as his profession. Therefore he works in the sewers.
    Ratcatchers. I'm not sure where you heard the name as doing some crime. I do remember that if you say 'lock' to demodocus he says that the ratcatchers guild is antisocial.

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  • Where is Dryas when you get "find Ophelitus` murder weapon"?
    And where is Demodocus after he disappears from the bridge?

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  • When you get "Find Opheltiu's murder weapon" Dryas is just deeper in the sewers. If you go to sewers by the ladder in Eteocle's house (The Guild) then, when you are down just walk up the screen through the secret door and cross the first bridge. Then there will be a big sewer on the left. Dryas is there.

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