• Hello. I finaly (thanx to the help of Slayer and his page!) got the mission involving halos and finished it. Then I went and got the peice of Crlona in Kosha. I noticed that 3 people were down there besides Pelagon; Myus, Naxos, and (sorry, I don't remember) why are they down there, and what should I do to them?

    2.) just gave charax the Kelp, how long does it take for him to study it?

    3.) I found tyrants tomb, but there are about 500 million levers in one section. I have gotten the maze as far as I can, what should I do to be able to get farther in tyrants tomb?

    4.)I was told that to learn to steal I had to prove halos innocent, then ask him about 'kidnapping' then talk to Aethon and he would vouch for me and I could join the guild. I have done all this but Aethon won't do anything. What should I do?

    Slayer, I wanted you to know that your site is INCREDIBLY helpful! I also have a suggestion; you should make a section for the different places in Cythera.(ex. Tyrants Tomb, Scylla Temple, etc.)


    1. I think you just leave them down there. They don't seem to have any use anymore. BTW, the last one is named Darius. Too bad he didn't get the plague ;)

    2. Until you take him the earth component. Go to http://ucf.edu/~bd12842/CureSure.htm if you really need help with that.

    3. One of the levers earlier in the maze opens the final door. The magic map is invaluable for seeing what is shifting in the maze.

    4. I'm trying to figure this one out, as well.

    As for the site suggestion, that's a good idea. I'll see what I can do.

  • 4. In order to get Aethon to join your party, you have to speak to Mantinea. She's the wife of Propontis. Ask her about "Comana." Then go to Halos and follow up on the kidnapping link again. He'll say a bunch of stuff, then suggest you get Aethon to join your party. When talking to Aethon, I had to mention "Halos" to him first, then "join." After you've done all that, go ask Ecleotus (or however it's spelled) "join." Aethon vouches for you, and you're in. You can train for various skills including stealing.

  • Thanx a lot slayer! All hail the Slayer!( :)) Another thing, Whaere do I find diamonds and obsidian? Also I got the guts to rescue Ariadne, and I found it wasn't too bad fighting. And after fighting the polyps, I was wondering where I could fight more, where are other places? I tried to kill a chicken in Odemia, but Hector didn't like that. I also fought some ratlizards, does anyone know how to get rid of poisoned any other way than taking an antidote from Alaric?

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  • If you want a good place to practice fighting, try the cave along the coast South of Kosha. Right inside the entrance are some huge crabs that won't hurt you much, but it'll let you practice fighting. Don't go beyond the first level of the cave thought, unless you don't mind fighting polyps.

    When you get into the higher level halls in the Magisterium, there's a cure spell that will un-poison you. Or if you know alchemy and have some spiderwebs, you can make Antidote potion. Or you can ask Alaric for "help" and he'll cure you. All three options assume you've registered the game of course.

  • Thats one of my problems: I registered it on friday, and today, when it should've came today, well it didn't. Andrew, I need help! Does pressing help in here do anything? Lets see: . Aparrently, it doesn't werk. Another thing, thanks for the fighting hint! Except, polyps aren't too bad, at least when I fought/killed them when I cured the plague, they took a lot of hits, but they eventually died.

  • there are ALOT more polyps in the cave south of Kosha than there were in the cave where you cured the plague. They can make pretty short work of you if you aren't careful

  • Ok, I have to admit, the Polyps arent to tough, but in large packs? Unbelievable, or more like undoable!

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