So, I finished, but...

  • Well, I finally beat it--and I'm certain that there were secrets that I didn't divine, but there are a couple of questions that are nagging at me:

    1. Tavara's stronghold (the one with the moat): just a good way to level-up? Or am I missing something in the throne room?
    2. the Ruffian encampment: the fighter/leader guy refused to speak to me, how do I get him to talk to me? Pour some of that kesh down his throat?
    3. What happened to Larisa and Joppa?
    4. The Comana Brothers seem to have disappeared. Any way to haul their butts into jail, or maybe even give them a taste of burnished steel? How about Pelagon?
    5. Anyone figured out the wine contract? I was thinking if I resolved #4, maybe the Southland vineyard stocks would be up for sale again? Or do we have to charm/persuade that irritating woman and her husband to cut us in?
    6. The Aloipos books: Do they come in handy at all?

    I must say that, between this board and Slayer's bodacious web-site, I got through all the snags that I encountered (the list of Sapphire Books was invaluable--thanks, Slayer!). I hope you can be equally helpful with this query. Thank you, in advance, for your responses.

    For God, Charles, and St. Denis

  • I have a couple questions too.

    1. What does the lever in the sleeping quarters of the miners do?
    2. When would you use the spell "Charm"?
    3. What does the talking fountain do under Pynx
    4. There is room to have 8 people, but I can only think of 7,
    5. You
    6. Hector
    7. Meleager
    8. Timon
    9. Aethon
    10. Ariadne (Who stays until you go back to Odemia)
    11. Dryas (Who stays until you talk to Bryaxis)
    12. ??????????

    Please help us Slayer!

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  • Bishop:

    1. If you got the blue Crystal Ball, you got it all.
      2),3) I don't know, and I don't think anyone else does either.
    2. Once the Comanas hide(including Pelagon), I don't think there's any way to get them out alive.
    3. That mission is just to guide you in the direction of beating the game, but can't be solved.
    4. I'm not sure


    1. As far as I can tell, nothing
    2. If you want to get an enemy to help for a little while, you can use it, but there are probably better ways to deal with enemies.
    3. It asks for your wish, tells you that it's found elsewhere, then spouts random messages if you try using it again. No one seems to have been able to make it do anything else.
    4. The slots for people are built into the Delver engine rather than the Cythera scenario. It is doubtful that all slots can be filled in Cythera.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Thanks, Slayer.

    God, Charles, and St. Denis


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