a few supid questions

  • 1. i found a magic arrow what does that do? and is there any thing else like that and where?

    2. where is the scylla temple? is it near charax's house?

    i wound be at about the same place as the rest of you but have to keep restarting my game!

  • Don't worry, I'm the farthest behind! I still only have one piece of the crolna.

    1. If you learn magic, then go to the library at pnyx, you cna learn mystic arrow, by double clicking on the tomes(magic books, they teach you spells).

    1. If you're talking about the spell magic arrow, DataSpot's right. If you're talking about the item, they work just like normal arrows, except better.

    2)The Scylla temple is to the west of Charax's house.

  • so you can use the bows and arrows???? Or do you ave to be taught how to use them like the sword and shield, etc..... I have the bows and arrows from the armory in the castle, but I never knew how to use them, and actually thought they didn't work....

  • You can just use them BUT they work a lot more effectively if you get trained in them. You'll meet somebody in Cademia who can train you.

  • thanks everyone but how do i use the magic arrow (not the spell) do i need a magic bow? when i use reg bow it just fires reg arrows maybe if just had magic arrows........ off to go test

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