Stuck already in Omen's Little Test

  • Just stumbled onto this game. I feel sort of dumb as I can't get out of omen's test, and this is just the beginning of the game. I've tried searching through the archives here for the answer, but couldn't find it, so I'm posting my question in hopes of a responce. I've gotten through the doors, even found a ring along the way. I am at the spot where there are like 6 hallways and they all lead to a lever and then right back where you started. I thought it was a maze, maybe it is, but I dropped a key at the lever and the key is always there no matter which hallway I take. I pulled the lever but haven't found any exit. I also tried going back to the beginning to see if anything had opened up, but I can't seem to find the exit. I'd love for someone to get me out of this little test. Sorry if this is a redundant post, but I did my best to search for the answer first. thanks.

  • All right... there is a way through the maze. I don't know it.

    However, there is a much easier way to escape. Go back to the very beginning of the test, where you first entered. Look for secret doors; you might have to pull levers.

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