Saffire books

  • I can't find the Saffire books.I'd like some help.


  • I know but Can't Find all of them. 1. Alaric has one in his quarters, behind the locked door.
    2. Go to the dorm room in the southwest corner of the top floor of Pnyx. The book is in the desk.
    3. Go to the castle in Catamarca. In the room north of the court, there is a bed. Search it.
    4. Go to Cademia. In the judge's castle there are some locked doors. The book is behind one of them. If you don't feel like bashing the doors down, the keys are in the dresser in the room east of the main hall.
    5. In the slums of Cademia, there is a room filled with mushrooms. In the room northwest of that is a secret door. Behind the secret door is a ladder down to an area with many levers and gates. Use the magic map to see what gates go up and down when the levers are flipped. The book is in the room protected by the golem.
    6. Go to Kosha. Sleep until sunset, then one more hour. Go to Itanos the judge's house. He should be in his study. Ask him about "sapphire."
    7. Go to Abydos, the ruined city. It's far south on the west coast of Cythera. In a certain room with a windowed door, there is a secret door. Behind the secret door is a ladder down. The book is guarded by a demon, so forget about getting this book if your character isn't very powerful.
    8. Get a shovel. A shovel can either be bought from the ratcatcher's guild(see Locks, or any other skill that involves joining the guild) or taken from the iron mine. If you get your shovel from the mine, make sure you take one that is actually inside the mine. Taking one from the camp is stealing. Along the east coast, north of Catamarca, there is some sand and loose dirt. Use the shovel to dig on the loose dirt.
    9. Get the mission Free Maayti. In the cave with all the seldane, one has the book. Just ask him about "sapphire."
    10. Complete Seek out Prusa. Go talk to Prusa. Go back to town to get some sleep. Talk to her again. Repeat as many times as necessary. Make sure to talk to her several times in a row, as she has a lot to say. She should give you the book after you talk to her for several days.

    After getting each book you can go talk to Selinus again. Tell him "password" to give him the books. After getting two books, he will tell you a password to a hall. The password only works on the doors after turning in the books. In case you forgot the passwords, they are:
    4 Pakana
    5 Torake
    6 Tiripo
    7 Karuke
    8 Koruto


  • I really don't mind if you directly copy from my site, but if you do would you mind crediting me?

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • May I recommend you find a certain paritally hard of hearing person in Kosha to help you out? Keep reading if you want to just know the person...

    Polydamas. Be sure to ask him a few times, he is hard to get through to.

    Oh, and you may find a certain something (a book) if you look around under Kosha, I'm not sure if that was mentioned

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