heres how:
    complete missions:
    cure plague
    show crystal to lindus
    take crystal to timon
    -merge the crolna shards
    -(to merge crolna shards use one on the other)
    -now complete these missions
    find son of sabinate
    honor jinrai
    free maayti
    -the third shard wont fit.
    -now try your luck at THESE missions:
    rescue kidnapped Ariadne
    interrogate bandit
    find source of kesh
    take net to stentor
    find opheltius' murder weapon
    interview stentor
    -now go to odemia. tell philinus "pipes" go to kosha. find the secret door.
    play the notes "PHJMD" you must have the two merged shards and the one from
    maayti. if so, go down the ladder. you will see the figure of pelagon. he will talk to you. On contact, he will turn into Magpie. DO NOT give the
    crolna to magpie. read the conversation carefully. after he asks "Do we have
    use force?" say yes. he will give you the fourth shard. Merge the fourth
    shard onto the first two. then merge the third shard with the others.
    complete timefux book to charax
    -go to sabinate. tell him "essence" he will give you the mushroom.
    complete kelp to charax.
    -go out and back in. talk to Charax. he will load up his distiller.
    use it on the crolna. omen will appear saying how you ruined his "master's"
    plan and blah blah blah.
    -use the crolna on alaric.

    P.S. special thanks to Slayer. without his website i would not have beat the game. THANK YOU, SLAYER! :D :cool: ;)

    Give me any game.
    I will find all its secrets.
    I will devour it.

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  • How do you find sorce of kesh???

  • Did you ever find out the meaning of 201 or 742?


  • Hey, Slayer! What's your website? I'm asking you this, because it changed so many times that I lost track of it, or the access to it kept "falling."

    I didn't beat the game yet, because I didn't register- and don't worry; I just reinstalled it onto this computer so no hurt feelings, alright?

    Buy te woy, eI hopie ei dont' moke nun spelin ar gramerr mustaces, becaues i realy id rejuster, btu i furgut me password¡ (I didn't want to misspell "password"- you figure it out!) Alos, me imail adress aint' rite, so me is stuk! ;) Me real name are "Lusankya23" (no mistakes in that one, folks!) Ya'll know me from before, right? Right?

  • Never mind! I saw it from a very recent post about persuasion! Thanks, anyway!

  • Lusankya, my site's at... well, it's in my signature.

    The server's lousy, so it might take a couple of tries to get through.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • im back!

    Give me any game.
    I will find all its secrets.
    I will devour it.

  • hey, i just beat the game again! (look out for pelagon/magpie. hes tricky.) GET OUT THE FIRECRACKERS, GRANNY! ITS INDEPENDENCE DAY!

    Give me any game.
    I will find all its secrets.
    I will devour it.

  • Yo, 201 is the death of Alarics mother.

    Get that mission done with, or go to the catamarca graveyard.

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