Free mage

  • Where is the Free mage that upgrades weapons?

    Be you a king of krime,
    A prince of peace,
    When you hear that
    You jump in the escape

  • Eioneus, the man who upgrades weapons:
    Go to the mountain range in between cademia and Pnyx. Head south along the eastern side (that's the down along side on the right in case you get things backward). There will be a cave in the mountains, and there may be slimes around. Head north, and loop around a crevice. Use the rope that is hanging there. Then proceed along the corridor you are now in. Come during working hours and with at least 10 Obsidian in hand if you want to upgrade anything. Even if you only want to talk to the guy, come during the day or he will be asleep.
    You can get Obsidian in Kosha, just NE of where you enter.
    BTW: further upgrades are possible.

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