• I am new to this game,and I don't know what to do after I put the flowers on Andra's grave.I also don't know where the sapphire books are....?help me....

    Be you a king of krime,
    A prince of peace,
    When you hear that
    You jump in the escape

  • Let me see...I wont spoil the fun for you, but Ill tell ya some things...One of the Sapphire books is located in Alarics quarters behind a locked door northeast in LandKing hall, another is located under a bed in the court in Catamarca.A third lies in one of the student quarters in Pnyx, and to get the fourth, just ask Judge Itanos in Kosha about "sapphire". To find a fifth, you got to do some digging northwest of Catamarca...BTW: You did bring Hector, didn`t you? And if you want free food, just ask Emesa. Hope this will help you out without spoiling the fun :cool: :)

    "But which way will the path swing? To the east or to the west?"

  • To quickly get several thousand oboloi rescue Lady Ariadne. Find her at the abandond farm house under a trapdoor She is only their at diffrent times,then buy flax from a farmer. I forgot His name but its the farm with all the goats. Sell the flax to a weaver in Odemia and for every bale of flax bought and sold you will make 2 oboloi.


  • 3 Oboloi, you mean. Buy for seven, sell for ten.

    While we're on the subject of textiles, is there ever a reason to buy cloth from Ake? The tailor doesn't seem to want to buy it from you, and I don't see any other purposes for it.


  • Maybe if there was just a cheat code (no, not anything that has to do with game enchancers or Pandoras Box) everybody would be a lot happier. What's gonna happen with v. 1.0.5, Ambrosia?

  • 1.0.5 probably won't be made cause of reasons that were in another post...
    where can i get Pandoras Box and what's the address for oboli?


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