• -I had three book.
    -I went to the librarian and said password
    -then I had one book
    -I went and got another
    -I went to the librarian with books 3 &4
    -I said password
    -he said good you found a book
    -I only had one book left
    -I went to the spots were I got the original books but none had reappeared
    -I don't know what to do
    -help me please


  • Hm...I would suggest casting Replicate on a sapphire book if you had the password to the hall you get it at. Try casting fetch on the doors. Wait...Dang, You can't get fetch either! Sorry :frown: I'm stumped.


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  • Are you (i.e. your main character) carrying the book, or is someone else in your party carrying it? I've noticed that sometimes it matters who is carrying an item when you talk to the person you are supposed to give the item to.

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  • The book you have may not be a Sapphire book, but only look like one. Check it. There are two books in Alaric's room, one that is a Sapphire book, one that is only a blue book. The Sapphire book is behind the locked door in the back of the room. Also, the ten books are in ten different places and must be found in each place. To get the passwords, you need two different books, and you cannot turn in the same book twice, so even if you did have replicate, it would not work. If you need more help, goto (url="http://"http://www.macclassics.com/cythera/cythera.htm")Slayer's guide to Cythera(/url).



  • Thanx! I figured it out it was because I had the look alike book and wondered why it wouldn't show up.


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