• Where are the crolna pieces?


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    **Where are the crolna pieces?


    I found 3 out of 4 Crolna Pieces. 1. Go to Catmarca and look for the Secret door. A Trap door is there. Brake it down. Kill the thing and go to the Fountain. 2. Show the Crolna to Lindus and then go to Timon Ask him to join you. 3. Complete Honor Jinrai. Ask the seldane in the iron mine about "Bahoudin." Go to LandKing Hall. Ask Magpie about "Bahoudin." Alaric must not be present. If all works out, Magpie will give you the other half-disk. Go to the ruins in the swamp. You can get there in two ways. One: walk. Two: use the teleporter in the cave that has Sabinate in it. It is the southern teleporter. You must have Timon in your party if you walk there. Once in the ruins use the crolna on the standing stone. Go in the door. Put the left half-disk on the left altar and the right half-disk on the right altar. Cross the newly formed bridge. Once downstairs go east through the stone door. Play with the buttons on the wall until the patterns on the north wall match. Repeat for each room with patterns. Once you get through all those rooms you find a button that opens a western door. Tell the buttons, in order "fire," "sound," "water," "shadow," and "heart." Break the force walls in the main room with the crolna. Explore the cave to the north until you reach the third crolna shard. Take it. Or to make things Faster use the Spell "Fetch" on the Crolna


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    Oh, and don't use fetch on the crolna. Using fetch causes things to be permanently and irrevocably destroyed.

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