Two Questions.

  • 1.How do you get the blue crystal ball? I can see it with the green crystal ball but then it blacks out again. Even if it didn't I wouldn't have enough magic power to Fetch it.
    2.What does the strange device do? It sounds like something magical happens when I get it all black or all white but I don't know what this is.

  • 1. Sorry - don't remember where the different crystal balls were - to be honest though I found them to be pretty much useless - am I the only one?

    2. The strange device is used to open up the doors to areas containing something mystic (i.e. armor, helm). There will be a pedestal outside of the door with a pattern on it - just make the strange device display that pattern and the doors will open.

  • The correct place to find the blue crystal ball is in the disappearing stronghold. Check earlier posts on how to get in there. It would seem to me that the LKH ball and other stuff past the wall are just old stuff that never got taken out.

  • Actually, with help from pandora's box and macsbug and patience and patience again, I went west of LKH, were the blue crystal ball lies. Besides this crystal ball, there's an empty dresser, and absolutely nothing worth of interest. Just an empty space. Forget about it. It is more than likely some map-building garbage left over.

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