Secret Doors

  • OK, maybe I'm not so observant, but there are many secret doors that I am entirely unable to open, use, etc. A short list (off the top of my head): door in the Ratcatcher's Guild, secret doors in Tyrant's tomb, etc.

    Any advice? Grrrr.... I've pretty much completed all of the quests except for curing Alaric and I'd like to know how to get into these things.


  • There are some secret doors in Cythera that you can't just click on to use. These doors are opened in one of two ways. Either there is a lever somewhere that you must use to open the door, or the door is opened with music.

    Most secret doors have levers, though often they are not right next to the secret door. Levers are often hidden under something (crate, table, etc). Look around in the general area of the secret door, moving things until you find a lever. Then throw the lever and go see if that opened the door.

    The musically locked secret doors are opened by playing a certain combination of notes on a particular instrument. I can only think of two musical doors; one in the sewer in Cademia, and one in the Comana house in Kosha. All the others you should be able to find a lever for somewhere.

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  • If you'd like to simplify the lever ones, I think you can use remote manipulation. I'm not sure about that though.

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