Just an idea

  • I know this will never happen, most likely, but if there ever was another use for anything like the Delver engine, I would kill to see a Seinfeld game. I know the copyrights and all that would prohibit this, but this would just be great. Anyway, every mission would be one the stupid things the characters have done, like "Stop Kenny's Roasters" or "Break up with Puddy" or "Swim the East River." Each character would have different abilities to begin with, like no one would really want to join George and everyone would join Jerry, but George would be a faster runner and have the equivalent of haggling and persuasion, while Jerry would only have jokes. Each character would have a vehicle. Jerry, a car, Elaine, a yak from Peterman's journies, Kramer, anything, Newman, a mailtruck, and George, his little electric scooter. Just my fantasy of the greatest game.

    Look, I took the liberty
    of examining that
    parrot, and I discovered
    that the only reason
    that it had been sitting
    on its perch in the first
    place was that it had
    been nailed there.

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