Absolutely Clueless

  • OK, here's a question. I'm trying to complete "Rescue Kidnapped Ariadne." I got to the abandoned farmhouse and defeated all the ruffians. I got the key to the trapdoor and opened it. I got into the cellar and lit a torch to look around, but Ariadne isn't there. I'm guessing that she should be in that little room. Is there a secret door or something that I'm missing? I haven't registered it yet; could that be the problem? Obviously, I'm pretty new to the game, but I cured the plague in Catamarca with no trouble, so I'm wondering if there's something that I've overlooked. Thanks

  • Hey mouse this was posted yesterday so I'm not sure if you fugured it out yet but you might want to go back to the town that she is from and talk to the guard and have him tell you that she has been kidnapped then go back into the cellar and she should be there. This happened to me when I tried rushing threw the begining and i went straight to the farm.

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