Crystal Ball

  • I just got the blue crystal ball in the stronghold what does it do? :)
    The lich in there didn't move except when I hit him he just run away. :)

    Ring Of Recharge

  • According to Slayer's website, it is like a farsight spell. It lets you see most of the map. It has a limited number of uses. :)

    Look, I took the liberty
    of examining that
    parrot, and I discovered
    that the only reason
    that it had been sitting
    on its perch in the first
    place was that it had
    been nailed there.

  • Wrong stronghold, it is a detect secrets thingy. It will check the area for secrets such as secret passages and traps.

    Talk, talk, talk to myself!

  • Not according to Slayer's site. "The blue crystal ball acts like a farsight potion when used. It has a limited number of charges, and consumes a small amount of mana when used." Unless he said the wrong color, which I doubt, that is what it does.

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    This is where Mrs. Shazam was so wrong. Exploding is a perfectly normal medical phenomenon. In many fields of medicine nowadays, a dose of dynamite can do a world of good. For instance, athlete's foot-an irritating condition-can be cured by applying a small charge of TNT between each toe.

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