Paying repitition! :)

  • A neat way I found you could stock up on oboloi, easy! You don't even have to fight! All you need is 7 oboloi(ob) to start out with. Then go to the flax farm, and buy a bale of flax (7 ob). Then sell it to the thread maker in Odemia (just tell her flax. If she doesn't know what you're talking about, you've got the wrong person.). Then take her 3 bales of flax, and sell them to her agin (she will give you 10 ob per a bale). Then go back to the flax farm and buy as many as you can. repeat. sooner or later you'll reach your limit, and you should pool your cash with your buddys. Then when all of you reach your limit, go to pnyx's general store, and buy a couple of sacks. If you can get enough money to buy that place in cademia, please tell me!

  • Indeed, I also found this trick. It should theoretically be possible to get enough cash to buy the place by doing that, but it would be a real pain in the a**. It's hardly worth it, considering you only get a key to a place you probably already bashed the door down on. I find that the trick is more valuable if you want to power up your weapons.

    An interesting thing I found is that when you get too much money from Hebe, some of it falls on the floor. If you leave Odemia and come back, the money's still lying there. It can be helpful to do that when trying to enhance your weapons. Good thing that obsidian doesn't fall on the floor when you buy too much.

  • Same thing with me, except I made a gigantic mistake! I picked it up without moving it! Everybody said Hey! or What are you doing! and I stained my soul. So I just quit, didn't save, then started all over again.

  • They yelled at you for taking your own money that fell on the floor? They never did that to me!

  • It must be BUG (poor jason...). I can't believe I'm still running v 1.0.1!

  • If you are away from the ciry and come back they will yell at you.

  • Wha?? Is this a correct translation(?):
    If you are away from the city(Odemia) and come back they(That flax lady) will yell at you.
    That doesn't happen to me! Symptoms of Stealing:
    1. Constant Damage by partners
    2. Yelling
    3. Excrutiating pain
    4. Death
    5. Unexpected quit
    6. Freeze
    7. Restart (computer and game)

  • I think if something is on the ground for more than 1 day unless it is in the LKH hall or it is food or a scroll or book then when you pick it up with someone around you will be yelled at.

  • You don't have to worry about that, whenever I pick something up, I always move it first, except for meat that is.

  • If you pack you and your pals with as much oboloi as you can, and figure out how much is left. You can put the same amount as what is left into Ake's (aka flax lady) chest. When you come back later (doesn't matter how much later) it'll still be there. You can take it without having her and everyone else yell at you. And for extra money, you can go to the mintery (the place where they make the money) in Cademia, un-mage lock the chests on the left and right in the closet in there, and there will be over 500 oboloi to take. You don't even have to move it first.

  • Ake is the weaver, Hebe is the threadmaker. I some times get mixed up too, heres a list of things I get mixed up with:
    1. Cademia and Catamarca
    2. Those two friggin' vineyards (I can't even remember their names!)
    3. Hector and Thersites (They look alike).
    4. Charax, Tros and Selinus (They look alike).
    5. All the books of wisdom.
    6. Pelagon and Magpie (They look alike).

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