Catamarca Plague

  • Someone help me--how do I cure the plague in Catamarca? Also, I need info on
    1. The location of the Sapphire Books of Knowledge
    2. Alaric's mother

    I just started playing Cythera. Great game.


  • look around in the judge's house...ask him for what you need. look in the graveyard of catamarca. sapphire books are all over....i got 5 of em' before i knew i needed them. =)

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  • Finally, something I can reply to! Ok, Sapphire Books are everywhere, and if you help out the lady that wants to know who Alaric's mother is that should help. To cure the plague, look around in the judge's house until you find a secret door. then go down underground and there's this crystal thing, and you'll see from there.


  • Ask Alaric about "Chrysothemis".
    Then ask Anisa about "Sapphire". Better?

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