Money and a house

  • How would I buy the house from Antenor if I can barly fit 250 obili in my inventory?
    Do I have to train for more body :mad:...will that increase my inventory space or what?
    I sure can't fit 10,000 obili in my inventory for along time. I kind'a want that house too....i'm just sick of hiding all my money in crates around Cythera. :rolleyes:


  • Try this:
    1.Cast "replicate" on a crate in LandKing hall.
    2.Put a chest in the new crate.
    3.Crush the crate and remove the debris(do not move the chest).
    4.Cast "replicate" on the chest many times.
    (to regain magic points fast, talk to Alaric, tell him "help").
    5.Place many chests(about 20) in your characters inventory.
    6.Do the same as in step 1.
    7. Put all the diamonds that you have inside the crate.
    8.Crush the crate.
    9.Cast "replicate" on the diamonds until you have enough to fill all the chests.
    10.Go to Kosha. Talk to the gemsmith. Ask him about "selling".
    11.Sell all your diamonds and put the money inside your now empty chests.
    Dont worry if there isnt room for all the money: If you dont move them theyll be there the next time you visit to Kosha. Look at it as your own personal bank ;)
    12.Talk to Antenor. Tell him "building".

    Better now? :D :D :D :D

    "But which way will the balance swing? To the east or to the west?"

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