The last book

  • I have found all of the books of wisdom but can't get Prusha to give me the last one. I have met her repeatedly but she just keeps babbling. Shake down doesn't work either.

  • Go back to town to get some sleep. After that talk to her again. Repeat as amny times as necessary. Make sure to talk to her several times in a row, as she has lots to say. She should give you the book after you talk to her for several days.


  • I have talked to her for almost three days and still nothing.
    How do I know when she doesn't have anything left to say? I talk to her about a hundred times in a row each time I talk to her, and it's boring as #e!! And is there a particular time I should sleep? like at night or day?

    Oh, and shake down dosn't work because she doesn't have it in her inv. (check)

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