The Alraeican Tavern...

  • On the suggestion of a fellow Cytherean, I have opened a tavern in the great city of Cademia. We serve the finest ale, wine, bread, cheese, and ribs. So sit down, warm up, and talk with your fellow countrymen while I wait upon you...

    <font color="gold">Bronze: the other gold metal.</font>

  • A chilly breeze blows in as a figure steps through the door. The howling wind outside instantly slams the door shut, causing Talos to jump. The figure sits down and takes off his traveling coat.

    "I'll take some ale and a couple ribs please." pulls out a couple oboloi (sp?)

    "Hey, anyone up to a friendly game of dice?"


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    Oh, and yes the figure was Tyrael (Teer•eal) and me and Avatara are the same person.


  • a tall figure walks into the tavern. he puts down his heavy fur coat and long sword and approaches Avatara

    "i'm up for a game of dice"

    after loosing for the 7th time J.Ace21 gets angry and unsheaths his shield

    "you are a cheater! prepare to meet my Sword of Heroes!"

    he splits the table with a single stroke and swings the sword about his head charging toward Avatara


  • Suddenly, a man hiding in the shadowy corner of the tavern stands up and whips a extreamly sharp dagger into the wall, just inches from J.Ace21's head

    "The game was fair, now sit down. I have a long night ahead of me, and I have no energy to listen to your lies."

    The One And Only:
    ~Theo Nean Donly~

  • *Avatara remained unflinching during the whole scene. Well, how about we use your dice then? Avatara smiles as he wins the next two games, but frowns as Talos comes over and breaks Avatara's winning streak. Avatara sighs, then returns to the game with J.Ace21.

    He also shifts the glowing blue sword from his left side to his right...*


  • Talos, happy about the settling of the dice-dispute, gives out a round of free drinks.

    <font color="gold">Bronze: the other gold metal.</font>

  • *Wonders how many drinks he can have before he gets drunk (I've had about 14 in the Officer's Club Bar and 2 here all within a few weeks!).

    Finishes his drink nonetheless and orders another. He pays for that one out of his ever-growing collection of oboloi.*


  • Quote

    Originally posted by Avatara:
    ***Wonders how many drinks he can have before he gets drunk (I've had about 14 in the Officer's Club Bar and 2 here all within a few weeks!).

    Finishes his drink nonetheless and orders another. He pays for that one out of his ever-growing collection of oboloi.*

    A number of mages come inside, and begin talking to Avatara. They are questioning him about his ever-growing collection of oboloi. Soon, a heated argument breaks out...

    <font color="gold">Bronze: the other gold metal.</font>

  • ...And the mages finally walk away in disgust. Unaware that their life's savings has suddenly become lessened...


  • theKestrel flings open the door. Bloody hell, would you believe what happened to me?!?! OK, so I decide to settle down and just live a quiet life in Cademia. I work for months to build up 10,000 oboloi, so this cheat named Antenor will sell me this building. I get there, move the food chest stockpiled with every kind of food into the house. Move the chest filled with 20,000 oboloi into the house. Get rid of all the rubble in the house. Then...get this....then, I go look for a bed seller in Cademia, and do you know what? Not a single fricken bed seller in the whole of Cythera. I can't even sleep in my new house, let alone write there. At that moment, a group of four people enter the tavern. One who has a sly face says, He can't even convert the outside rooms to guest rooms for us!!! What a rip-off!! An old guy who still has fire burning in his eyes says, "Sit down Aethon..." "What," screams the bartender, pointing at Aethon, "His name is Numbnuts, and he owes me 5,000 oboloi!" "Are you going to settle for him?" he says looking at me. I look at Aethon, who shrugged and tried to deny it. I looked at Meleager, who was staring at me with a questioning gaze. I nodded to Meleager. Aethon only had one second to feel anything before Meleager's metallic gloves crushed his head. I smiled brightly, "Well at least now there will be enough guest rooms for us if I can only find a damn bed."

    And so the problem remained; lots of people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches. Many were increasingly of the opinion that they had all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that the trees had been a bad move and that no one should ever have left the oceans.

  • A large figure walks through the door of the tavern. He is covered head to toe in a strangely radiant armor, holding in one hand a glowing sword, in the other a mysterious blue crystal ball. When you glance at the ball, your mind fills with vague images of the tavern and the area outside. The figure announces "I have finally found it! The legendary crystal ball of seeing!" He pulls out a huge sack of oboloi and declares that all drinks are on him. He sits at a table, placing the crystal ball at the center, and begins his tale...

    "I had found a mysterious ring in the course of my adventures. I had heard from legends that a ring could open the door to the last refuge of Tavara. I knew from the moment I saw it that this was the ring." He pulls a ring from a finger on his left hand, holding it high in the air. "This was the ring that allowed me entry to Tavara's stronghold. I remembered from my journeys a strange fort that had disappeared when I had approached it. I once again made the trek to that mysterious location. This time I had the ring on." He puts the ring back on his finger. "As I neared the fortress, it began to shimmer, as it had the last time went there. Suddenly my ring began to glow. The enormous structure began to rematerialize. I traveled to the door of the fort. It was sealed with a strange energy, and refused to budge. Fortunately, I was carrying several packs of explosives." He pulls an unlit bomb from his pack, then quickly puts it back in.

    "The door was no match for the explosives. It was torn from its hinges and sunk into the the swampy area behind it. I entered the fort, only to be attacked many by huge monsters, each with eight tentacles. I sliced them with my sword, but they just kept coming. Eventually I made it deeper inside the fort, only to meet with another magically sealed door. Again I used my explosives. Behind this door were the remains of many past adventurers. As I entered, some of the bodies animated and began attacking me. They were weak, but each time I felled one of the foul creatures, another one climbed out of the bones that covered the floor. I fought my way to the next door, this one sealed magically yet again. Unlike the other doors though, this one was hot to the touch. I blasted this door open, but this time the door flew outward. Flames spewed forth from the opening as three huge crimson creatures emerged. The very sight of them inspired fear, almost as if by magic. I gritted my teeth and tolerated it, though. I charged at them with my sword, slicing at them vigorously. One struck me and knocked me across the room. Soon, the first demon fell before my sword. Then another. Then the third demon was slain, disappearing in blast of fire. I went through the room where the demons had been, only to find one final door. Behind this was the throne room of the stronghold. Sitting upon the throne was the lich who was once Tavara. I pummeled him with my sword, giving him his final rest. And in that room, I found this:" He grabs the ball from the center of the table and holds it high. "This, the Crystal Ball of Seeing. Legend has it that this ball allows one to know his surroundings as he knows himself."

    He put the ball in his pack, grabs his ale, sits back and relaxes.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • The well-known Fanatic walks in. He orders a round of beer for everyone and then examines the ring on the strangers finger and asks "Hmm, may I see the inscription on the ring?"
    The stranger hands him the ring.
    "Hmm. Strange. It says 'Will to Union' It seems I remeber seeing---Yes I remember seeing the same words inscribed on a ring I found in a desk in house Comona in Kosha after the Comona Boys had vanished. Inscrbed on it was Will to Union! Amazing!!!"
    Fanatic hands the ring back to the stranger who puts it back on his finger.
    "Well, expect to see me again soon! Bye!"
    Fanatic walks out of the room with a strange feeling.

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  • Avatara walks over to Slayer's table. Slayer reaches for his sword and has it pointed at Avatara's throat before he can sit down. Avatara hold up his hands, empty.

    "Hey, lets not get overjoyed here. I heard someone talking about beds, so I came over. Great story by the way."

    Slayer reluctantely puts his sword back in his sheath and Avatara sits down, with his drink.

    "You were saying something about beds..." Kestral prompted.

    "Ah yes. I have a couple for sale. How's 4,000 oboloi sound?"

    "4,000 oboloi! That's ridiculous!!" Kestral screamed, causing all nearby to put their hands on their ears.

    "Well, what do you expect? They are hand-crafted. Making beds is hard work, especially with the quality we make them with."

    "I see..."

    "Do we have a deal?"


  • Just then, a thin man comes crashing through the window, sending shards of glass skittering across the floor, and momentarily inturrupting the conversation between Avatara and theKestrel. He stands up, mutters some words that no one can catch under his breath, and all his wounds fade and dissapear. He appears weak and frail at first glance, but those with a keen eye can see the power surrounding him, the power to bring the tavern down in smoldering flames at any moment.

    "May I have a glass of wine, please?"

    He reaches inside an impossibly stuffed sack and produces some oboli

    "My name is Jack. None of you will belive the story I will tell you when I can catch my breath. Give me a few moments, though."

    Jack sits at the counter, and Avatara an theKestrel go back to their conversation

  • ...for some reason, Jack's sack is no longer impossibly stuffed. And this time, it wasn't Avatara...


  • theKestrel replies to Avatara. "Well, just give me a small amount of time to...err....get the money. Be back in a jiffy." theKestrel walks out the door, quickly.
    theKestrel walks in the door again. He is shoving what appears to be some lockpicks and torches into his pack. He smiles at Avatara. "How about 2,000?"
    Avatara looks unconvinced, "You steal the food from my family's mouth's, sir." theKestrel waves his hand in front of Avatara's face and looks into his eyes, "I will buy them for 2,000 apiece." Avatara murmurs, "You will buy them for 2,000 apiece."
    theKestrel smiles, "Good then, we have a deal. I will take four of them, payment upon delivery."
    He appears as if he is going to get up, but settles back down. "Say, do you have any desks or crates available?"

    And so the problem remained; lots of people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches. Many were increasingly of the opinion that they had all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that the trees had been a bad move and that no one should ever have left the oceans.

  • Talos replies: The crafter Polynices should have some well made desks.

    Suddenly, a man with a sword through his heart stumbles through the door. He says but one thing, "Ghost", and then drops dead on the ground. Talos then whispers, "Polynices?"

    <font color="gold">Bronze: the other gold metal.</font>

  • Avatara has a hard time hiding the smile that constantly attempts to betray them. The longer as theKestrel thinks he can control Avatara's mind, the better. Yet still, he couldn't help but let out a silent snicker when no one was paying attention. He gets up, leaves, and returns the next day.

    "I believe you will find your order has been completed, I expect my payment by next morning."


  • Jack gets up and knocks over one of the men in the corner.

    "You little..." he begins as he takes back some of his oboloi...


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