Tavara is a fat dead guy

  • What is important about tavara's lab under abydos?
    What is important about tavara's vanishing stronghold?
    I got the saphire book in the lab. I got the crystal ball in the stronghold. Is there any other point to either of these places?
    Why doesn't Tavara, the lich in the innerchamber of the vanishing stronghold, move when I walk in. Why does he only move after I hit him. And why doesn't he do anything about the fact that there are two warriors chasing him around and beating him up?

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  • Note: these statements may or may not be correct, but are reasonable hypotheses

    Tavara's lab is where he conducted research into producing undead, probably with some help from the undine.

    His stronghold is where he has decided to live out the remainder of the eternal earthly hell he put himself into by becoming a lich. It's invisible becauses he probably didn't want to be disturbed

    Their existence tells us part of a story, but if you mean in the way of goodies, you got it all.

    He doesn't care anymore. Try sitting alone in a room for a few centuries and see if you care about anything anymore. Not good for one's mental state.

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  • Actually I just realized that I've encountered this bug before. I was in the crab cave and I beat up some polyps. When I came back they were supposed to reappear and fight me again, but they just stood there, doing nothing. Htey didn't move until I hit one, and then they just ran away and didn't fight.

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  • I have run into this problem before, only it was with Maleagar (however you spell it)... he wouldn't attack no matter what I did, I finally got pissed and hit him... he just started running. very odd.

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  • Maybe you should check his stratege. sp


  • If you have a party member (Meleager, Hector, etc.) on retreat and then you attack something and kill it and the fight is over, they won't rejoin unless you choose regroup from your menu. I had that problem in the sewers with Aethon and Timon.

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  • I'm having a lot of trouble just getting into Tavara's lab. There is a huge rock pile blocking the way. How do I get past it?

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  • Your going down the wrong passage.

    Go back up the ladder to outside, and search the building in the NW of the map. There is a secret door in one of the rooms which, when opened, will lead you down the right passage.

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  • the door in the first fort of the undead can be opened with a malfunctioning fetch spell. all there is, though is a handfull of pissed off skeletons who just want a little privacy.

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