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  • I probably sound pretty far back, but that's cause I have to keep restarting my computer since it keeps failing. How do you join the Ratcatcher's guild? I found this guy that was going to teach me Persuasion, but then I was never able to find him again. Also, one time I just walked past the maze in Catamarca, and someone shot Mystic Arrow (I think) at me, does anyone know what this was about?


  • To join the guild, you need to have Aethon in your party. Talk to Etocles, tell him "join" and Aethon will vouch for you.

    The persuation guy (Neoptolemus) is always near his house in Cademia, but a bug makes people disappear if you stay in town for too long.

    A maze in Catamarca?? :confused:

    "But which way will the balance swing? To the east or to the west?"

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    Originally posted by Rogan:
    **A maze in Catamarca??:confused:

    It's in Cademia. There is no maze in Catamarca. At least one above ground.

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