• pls. help me: im a poisoned wiz. with health 8 in kings-hall, i dont have any healing-spells, how can i cure the poison????

  • What you can do at this point depends on whether or not you've registered. If you've registered, just ask Alaric "help" and he'll heal everybody in your party. Also if you've registered you can learn alchemy so you can create Healing and Antidote potions (see book in Magisterium library for necessary ingredients).

    If you haven't registered, I'm not sure what to tell you. You need an Antidote potion. There's a bunch of potions in the room with the triangle in the Land King Hall, if you didn't get them earlier on. The only other place that I know of is in the Alchemy lab in the Magisterium. There's an Antidote potion on the counter, and if you Use it, I think no one yells at you. Don't take it first though or it's stealing.

    Worst comes to worst, if you are wearing the amulet you got from Alaric at the beginning and you die from the poison, you'll just be reincarnated in Land King Hall and you won't be poisoned anymore.

    Good luck :)

  • When you die you are still poisoned. There are 2 healing spells that I know of for poison. I think that they are Cure and Antidote.

  • thanx alot, the king healed me.€

  • One trick I have learnt is that Omen's Ring heals points faster than the poison takes them away!

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