• After you learn magic and get your grimoire (sp?), if you click on the grimoire, it says you have learned X of Y possible spells. I was wondering if anyone knows of a list of all the possible spells you can learn. Also, if anyone knows of places to learn spells other than from the Magisterium. I've learned the spells from all the tomes in the Magisterium library and I only have about 2/3 of the number of "possible spells" that its saying there are.

  • Actually, the x of y spells known doesn't mean how many spells actually exist. The x is obviously the number of spells you've learned but the y is based on how much you've trained in casting. I believe I had a total of 48 spells but there are supposedly a few listed in the Hintbook that none of us we're able to find in the game. Hope this info helps :-)

  • I've only ever learned spells from scrolls and the books in the libraries (including the halls behind the password doors).

  • Yeah, I realized that the number of possible spells that they give is the number that it would be possible for me to know at my current level of training. Even so, the number I actually know (49 I think) is about 30 less than the number possible.

    I'm pretty sure that the only other way you can learn spells is from scrolls. I did find one outside of the Magisterium library - check Itanos's study in Kosha if you're interested. But that still leaves 20 something spells hiding somewhere...

    I wonder if we'll ever find them...

  • It's always the place you least expect...

    Check in the desk with the map in your room. :)

  • If you're talking about the bunch of scrolls that are in that desk in the beginning, I found them when I searched the room to begin with. None of those scrolls have spells that you can't learn in some level of the library at the Magisterium anyway. Do more scrolls appear later? Maybe I should check that next time I'm in LKH...

  • Ereid:

    I think you misunderstood my first post. You can always train in casting (up to level 15 that is) and thus have the ability to learn more spells. However, in the game there are only around 50 spells so there is no need to train in casting once your grimoire says "you know x of (>50) spells" - I think my casting is at level 9 and I have 48 of 53 spells (can't remember for sure - haven't played recently). Hope this information clarifies things for you :-)

  • Ah, thank you for the clarification. I was indeed confused.

  • According to the cruddy hintbook that I got, there are a few spells more that you can learn, other than all of the ones in Pnyx. The following is a list of them:

    Closing the Veil - Will make an item invisible

    Removing the Veil - opposite of "Closing the Veil"

    Clairvoyance - will allow caster to partially see through walls

    I don't know if that'll help any, considering that I haven't even found them yet.

  • Yes it definitely refers to your ability to cast, I had a charachtern that had learnt everything (like 35 out of 35 or something) but there were still spells left!

  • The second number refers to the number of spells that you could learn in theory.

  • Level 15 casting allows you to learn (If there were that many spells) 80 spells

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