Ring in Machaon's Lab

  • From having started this game many times (bug fixes, disappearing items), I vaguely recall a ring in mage Machaon's Laboratory complex under Cademia (near mushroom room) that had a ring. At least I think it was there. Could someone please tell me exactly where the ring is. I searched everywhere and can't find it again. Also is this the ring with the inscription "742-to union" or is that found somewhere else? If so, where is it? I'm really stuck. Thanks.

  • There is a ring hidden in the tunic (at least I think it was a tunic) in the dresser in the side room of Machaon's Lab. I really don't know exactly what the ring does - it puts a little shield in the display area of your character where such things as hunger and afraid appear. Can't say I've noticed the actual effect though.

    Second, it is not one of the rings that says "742 - Will to Union" - two of these rings exist, but the one that's actually important is located in the stronghold near the "disappearing" stronghold. Both of these strongholds are to the east of the Scylla Temple and Charax's house.

  • The Machaon ring is in a kilt, actually.

    Also the 742-Will to Union ring is in the Scylla Temple (or Kosha, if you prefer stealing it).

  • Woops, so these "742-will to union" are really important?
    I finished the game without bothering about them!
    I got the 2, but didn't know what to do with them, so if you can tell me why there are important, I'd sleep better tonight!
    The only point I saw was the 742 date, the same year whatever-his-name-is died, leaving its herakles cloak on the ground...

  • You need to wear the ring in order to see the "disappearing stronghold." So you can go in and get your butt thoroughly kicked. :) I haven't figured out if it's worth it yet.

  • I have found both 742 will to union rings, but not his so called maachon ring in a kilt. Is this a different ring? If so, where is it located and what does it do. The previous posts really confused me.

  • Thanks for the info on the ring's location. It was indeed in the kilt. Based on it's icon in my character display, it appears to be a ring of resist blows. It's just what my physically anemic mage needed to reduce damage from attacks.

    For imacian: Machaon's Laboratory is accessed through a secret door located near the mushroom room in the western part of the maze in the city of Cademia. Once underground, you will find Machaon's lab and a bedroom adjacent to it. The kilt, in the dresser of the bedroom, contains a plain ring. In order to find the ring, I had to take the kilt out and drop it on the floor. I found the ring on the floor afterwards.

  • Speaking of rings does anyone know what the ring you find in omens test does??

  • The Omen's Ring regenerates your health faster.

    Does anyone know what the "742--will to union" ring does? The one that does "not" have the diamond on top....

    I know what the other one does--makes the disappearing stronghold appear....

  • I'm bringing this back -

    I guess it's been known for quite a long time that there was a ring in Machaon's Lab...

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  • Quote

    Originally posted by Slayer:
    Also the 742-Will to Union ring is in the Scylla Temple (or Kosha, if you prefer stealing it).**

    Where in the Scylla temple??

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  • It's in a box in the basement of the First Undine Stronghold. It's not in the Inner brotherhood temple, if that's what you mean.

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